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On the night of September 20 in Israel was first successfully performed an operation to transplant an artificial heart, 74-year-old man – until now such bodies implanted only people less respectable age.

The heart is made of titanium and weighs just 140 grams. Transplanted, it is known in the past a public figure, R., a resident of one of the northern regions. Surgery was performed in a hospital Caramel in Haifa.

Хайфа: 74-летний больной получил искусственное сердце

Operation lasted 5 hours, presided over the medical team doctor Dan Arvut, head of cardiac surgery in “Caramel.”

The device, transplanted R. – an artificial heart HeartWare new generation. It is very small in size, easily fits in the chest. In essence, it is as a natural body, a powerful pump. HeartWare sucks blood from the left ventricle and tosses it into the aorta. In this case, the pump motor makes 2700 revolutions per minute. The main advantage of HeartWare – when his work is preserved normal blood composition, which is extremely important for the patient.


In Israel, there was the sale of land for development

Israeli Housing Ministry announced the beginning of the sale of land. Earth is under construction, according to preliminary planning, the selected sites should be built around 3 thousand units of housing. aware that several spots allocated for construction in the south, in Netivot – it planned to build houses for 620 families. 320 new apartments will be in Modi’in, the magazine writes The Marker.

Sale conducted among private firms, it is assumed that in this way for investors will be simplified bureaucratic procedure, anticipates beginning construction.

Total similarly ministry within a year plans to sell the land for the construction of 35,000 apartments.

Recall that in 2009, a total of six similar sales were sold lots for 27,000 housing units.